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5 SEO trends that will dominate the search results in 2019

For online marketers it's very important to identify and adapt to the newest trends.

Internet has become the primary way customers look for products and services. With so many people online today, businesses are finding that to survive, they have to establish an online presence for themselves.However, starting a website or blog isn’t enough for a business. To maintain the search relevancy, businesses need to adapt the ever-changing environment of SEO. As Google changes his algorithms all year round, so does search engine optimisation.

Let's look at the trends that will make a real difference in 2019.

1. Voice search domination

Let’s start the list the entry of voice based search queries. The bigger the mobile internet will grow, the more we will use voice search instead of orthodox typing. Teaching computers to understand our our voice and language – that’s what the future is all about. And the way to achieve this bright future is through voice search SEO.

According to a study - by 2020, half of all online traffic will come from voice search. We can only imagine what technology will eventually replace voice search. Can you?

2. Mobile-first indexing

In 2018 Google finally rolled out their mobile-first index. In a nutshell, it means that Google ranks and indexes the mobile version of your page. If a web site has mobile and desktop versions, the index adds the mobile one; if there’s only the desktop version, it gets indexed the same as normal.

This update from Google makes it must for businesses to have a mobile friendly website, otherwise they will loose a large chunk of traffic.

3. Quality content

We all have heard the phrase “ Content is king”. But what exactly it means? How you define a content as high quality content?

Well, it's very easy, once you get a sense of who the content is meant for : users. When a user types in a keyword in Google, he/she expects something that will fulfil his/her needs. When you take the users’ search intent into account, you can prepare a piece of content that does exactly that. High quality content will benefit a website from a variety of standpoints. Including internal linking which helps Google learn more about the new and old content you’ve produced.

4. Local Search or Geo Targeting

Local searches are vital and relevant to businesses that rely on local customers.

For a hotel located in Delhi, India, they want to be the first Google search result for “ hotels in Delhi.”

The best way to ensure that is to optimise the hotel’s website to indicate where the hotel is located. Small businesses should focus more on local SEO. In 2019, local targeting is going to become even more precise. This means rather than targeting entire city i.e Delhi, we may end up targeting the cross streets. This hyperlocal targeting will create a better funnel for pre qualified customers. According to Google from 2014 to 2015, “near me” searches grew at an astonishing 130% rate. This data clearly tells us the importance of hyperlocal targeting.

5. Page Speed

We all know that desktop page loading time plays an important role in ranking your website on Google search results. In July, Google said that mobile page speed will also become a ranking factor. This update tells us to understand which metrics matter in terms of page speed evaluation.

Historically, a website was evaluated only on the basis of technical parameters by PageSpeed Insights. Now its evaluated on two different metrics - Optimisation and Speed.

The important part here is how Speed score is generated. The data for the metric’s taken from Chrome User Experience report, the real users’ performance database. It reflects how your site loads for each visitor. As far as the optimisation score is concerned, you can control it by fixing the issues, preventing your website from loading fast.