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How to tweak your website to increase conversions

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Congratulations on launching your website! Though jubilating as it may seem, the work doesn’t end there. You need to transform your website from a dull portfolio to your greatest marketing asset by turning your visitors into loyal followers and potential customers. It’s all about the CONVERSION.

To be able to convert visitors into customers, you need to have a proper lead management. Your goal is to make your visitor INQUIRE about your services, or BUY your product. To do these you need to work on these 3 steps:




So, how do you establish trust, increase accessibility and show your openness for communication through your website? Here are some suggestions:

1. Make your site mobile-friendly

Because of its compatibility, accessibility, and portability, mobile phones are more frequently used than computers nowadays especially in internet browsing. Computers and smart phones have different screen resolutions so it is important to consider making your website mobile-responsive for easy browsing and navigation. Having a responsive site also improves your search rankings as Google ranks mobile-responsive sites higher than those that are not.

2. Social Media integration

Adding social media buttons will make your website more interesting as it helps them locate all your social media sites with just a click. You can also put a plugin to give your viewers a preview of your social media sites’ content. Viewers using Call-To-Action buttons like Twitter’s tweet and Facebook’s share button will also help promote your website. Furthermore, it promotes reader-engagement and interaction. You and your readers will get to know what other people think or how they react to your products or services.   

3. Blog page

Blogs primarily drive traffic into a website. Making an article related to your business offering will help people with your same interest to find out about your products or services. Your blogs should be well-designed and well-written to retain your readers. Make sure to make an interesting title and to include the right keywords for better search ranking.

4. Invite readers to subscribe

If you invite readers to subscribe to your blog, they can get notified whenever you have a new post, promos, news, or announcements. With this feature, they can be drawn back into your website through your email. A blog or newsletter subscription will help you gain readers’ loyalty. It will drive traffic to your blog page, enhance reader engagement, and open up another avenue to make money out of your website through advertising, reviews or features.

5. Gallery page and video page

Gallery and Video pages are interesting ways to connect with viewers and it gives them information and updates about the company’s products, services, and internal and external activities. By using these media tools, you can uniquely present information in a way the best captures their attention, being that human are usually visually-oriented.

6. FAQs

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) is an easy way for your visitors to get the answers they need without having the need for them to contact you. It works in your favor too as it lessens your workload in answering the same questions over and over again.

7. Testimonials

Testimonials are important to new visitors as it gives them a glimpse of your relationship with previous and current customers or other business entities. That’s an instant confidence and trust boost.

8. Award features

Admit it; the best way to make an impression is to show off. Let your viewers know what you’ve accomplished by putting your awards and certifications in the homepage. If you have numerous distinctions, you might have to consider adding a page for all your accolades and accomplishments.  

9. Reader polls

In the absence of games, you can make your website more fun and inviting by adding a poll. You can ask about any trending topic related to your website or any information that is interesting enough for your site visitor that is beneficial to you as well. It will help you understand your audience or target market better.

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