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Avoid These Content Marketing Mistakes To Generate More Leads

Updated: May 15, 2019

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According to a report by Izea 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use content marketing to generate more leads and sales. Its not surprising, because content marketing costs 60% less than traditional marketing and generates 2X more leads. Yet despite the popularity of content marketing, only 42% of content marketers believe that they are doing it effectively. Let’s find out, why are so many marketers are struggling with it.

Here are some common mistakes companies are making and tips to avoid them.

1. Not Knowing Your Audience

This is a common mistake, every novice content marketer makes. Understanding your target audience is critical, as it helps marketers properly target the right audience with their content. Unfortunately, many businesses skip this and end up getting leads, which they can’t convert.

Tip - Don’t think or guess about what kind of content your customers want. Instead listen to them and take their feedback on the problems they are facing. Targeted content will always attract other customers, once you share that content on social media or when you start getting the traffic from SEO or any other channel.

2. Creating Wrong Content

Many businesses are overly focussed on creating keyword targeted content for SEO purpose. Problem with keyword centric content is that it affects the user experience. Your actual customer will not follow or read your blogs, because instead of keeping the user interests in mind, you are throwing the content for search engines.

Tip - Don’t create low quality content, just for the sake of rankings. Low quality content backfires and discourages people to share or follow your content. SEO is important, but make sure you are still creating useful and interesting content to attract the new customers.

3. Not Optimised For SEO

Creating only SEO focussed content is a mistake, but marketers should also refrain from ignoring SEO. Search engines can drive continuous traffic to your website, and the more content you create, more traffic you get. Always do some keyword research before you publish your article, so that you can insert keywords in title and meta tags.

Tip - Your article or blog should be a perfect mix of content designed to engage your customer and rank in the search engine. Having a perfect mix of content will help you increase the website traffic along with build an audience, that is interested in your content.

4. Not Promoting Content

This is another mistake, which marketers make. Creating strong content is only half the game. Your audience will not be able to find it, if you don’t promote it. Every marketer need to develop a strong content promotion plan so that people can see the articles. A good promotion plan typically includes link building, guest posting & social media plan.

Tip - One should consider promoting their content via multiple channels to maximise the reach. Look for websites, where you can share your content. Build relationship with influencers and mention them in your articles. You can also consider email outreach to share your content.

5. Expecting Results Too Quickly

Every business wants to see the fast results, and this is the one of the mistake they make when doing content marketing. So how long should content marketing take before one can expect the results?

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of content marketing institute and he mentioned in his book Content Inc that businesses should invest 15-17 month of consistent content creation before expecting significant results.

A blogging study by Hubspot revealed that companies that published 400 or more blogs got twice as much traffic as companies that publish between 300 - 400 blogs.

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Tip - The amount of time and effort required for strong content marketing can vary but companies should think of content marketing as long term strategy. It takes time to build an audience and generate momentum.

6. Selling Too Much

Businesses enter into the world of content marketing to generate more leads or sales. However, many of them discover that their content is not generating the leads for them directly. To solve this problem, they start inserting their sales pitch or product in every article they write. Adding a call to action makes sense in some situations but selling too much is a mistake. Mentioning your co name in every single blog post, makes readers question your authenticity.

Tip - Don’t forget to put your reader first, for an effective content marketing. Readers are more likely to read content from sources, they feel are genuine and unbiased. They become skeptical, when you sell too much in your content.

Win with Content Marketing - Content marketing is challenging and time consuming, but with the right mindset any business can grow with effective content creation.

What mistakes do you see other people are making. Let us know in the comment section below.