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5 Facebook Ad mistakes that could be hurting your business growth

Are you struggling with your Facebook Ad performance and not sure how to get them work better? At Design loop we help you out with complete social media marketing, so that you can give more time to your business and can be less worried about your marketing. With that said, let’s discover the issues, which affect Facebook ad performance, and how to fix them.

#1. YOU ARE BIDDING AGAINST YOURSELF - Sounds delusional right? Well to understand this scenario, first, let’s understand how Facebook ads work. So let suppose you are in an online auction bidding for the chance for your audience to view your video ad (or do whatever your goal is) on your ad. You only pay when somebody views your video ad and your competition is other ads, targeting the same audience. This is how Facebook ads work.

Normally you shouldn’t worry about bidding against yourself, but it happens when you run multiple campaigns or ad sets targeting the exact same audience at the same time. In this case you are trying to place two different ads in the same place at the same time in front of the same person.

To fix this issue, avoid targeting same audience with multiple campaigns, at the same time. If you have to do it, us Facebook custom audiences to exclude segments of the audience.

#2. YOUR BID CAP IS TOO LOW - Bid caps can really mess with your Facebook ads performance. These are designed for specific circumstances and you should know the value of your conversion, before you play with these.

What is Bid Cap?

A Bid cap tells your Facebook ads about the maximum amount you are willing to spend to get your desired result, be it a sale via your website, click to divert your audience to your website, to generate a lead or an impression.

If you have turned on the bid cap and you are in a dire situation where your ad is not performing well enough, the best move is to increase your bid. We understand that this way your budget will be spent faster, but you will see a difference in your conversions and ad delivery.

#3. YOUR BUDGET IS POORLY DISTRIBUTED - Normally Facebook spilts your campaign budget equally between all the ad sets. This sounds ideal, till the time one of your ad set is underperforming compared to others. So doesn’t matter if your all the ad sets performing or not, Facebook will continue to spend equally, unless you have set up Campaign Budget Optimisation. Once this option is turned on, Facebook will distribute your budget based on the performance of particular ad set, which means if a ad set is performing better than the rest, it gets more budget than the others.

To set up Campaign Budget Optimisation, first make sure that all of your ad sets have same delivery. If the delivery is same, that means you are on right track and you will be able to check a box in campaign level under budget optimisation.

#4. THERE AREN'T ENOUGH CONVERSIONS TO OPTIMISE YOUR DELIVERY - When it comes to conversion focussed campaigns like lead generation, sale or clicks, Facebook actually needs at least 50 conversions a week to optimise the ad delivery. Yes, you heard it right, at least 50 conversions a week. If you are not getting these many conversions, Facebook won’t be able to optimise the ad delivery and a stable cost.

First thing to fix this is look for conversion optimisation. Are the ads relevant to your audience? Is the creative is relevant? One way to fix this issue is to consider target cost bidding rather than lowest cost. If your audience targeting is spot on and creative is good and you are happy with less than 50 conversion a week, you can stabilise delivery using target cost bidding.

#5. PEOPLE SEE YOUR ADS TOO OFTEN - Ad fatigue is a real concern with Social Media ads. When people are bored with your ads, it drives up costs and drives down the relevance score ( because more and more of your audience starts hiding your ads).

There are few things, you can do to avoid this.

Exclude audiences as they move through your sales funnel

Set up sales funnel ads with the use of custom audiences based on those people, who have interacted with your ad in any way and then exclude these people from initial campaign.

Set up frequency cap in Ad sets

A campaign with objective of reach, you can set frequency cap to limit the number of times a person sees your ad in a set timeframe. This will certainly help you reduce ad fatigue.

Set a Frequency limit rule

You can also set up rules in your ads manager. For this you can set up rule for frequency limit.


There can n number of issues in Facebook ads relating to placement, optimisation, audiences. These top 5 only scratch the surface but we hope these will give an insider idea of how you can improve the delivery of your Facebook ads.

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